How to Combine SEO and Social Media Marketing

SuniSocial media platforms have a very strong influence over SEO. More and more people are in fact shifting from using traditional search engines when looking up businesses, and their products and services, to seeking their social media pages. Integrating SEO and social media is very important in being able to take suitable advantage of this shift in online habits and still effectively promote a business online.

A good way to accomplish this is to link content. As you update the content on your website, you should also similarly update your social network followers on this. Make sure to provide a direct link they can use to get to your website and read what is on offer. Have a regular schedule for updates. A good social media marketing agency will always advocate regular updates as the best way of guaranteeing continued following. It is also advisable to have a target demographic geographically. In this way you can determine what the best time of day to post content is. This will better guarantee your target followers clicking through to explore what you are offering.

Keyword choice is also important. Ensure you do adequate research to determine what terms online users that use social media networks will use to seek out a business such as your own. Aim to sign up on as many relevant social networking sites as you can. Understanding your target audience will be very important here. For instance when it comes to businesses selling products to women, there are certain image based social networks that will work in their favor. Where possible, also try to link between your social media accounts as well besides just to your main business site. Remember that call to action content is especially effective at drawing the attention of online users and making content viral.

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